Unicorns are the most majestic creatures on the planet. When a unicorn sees you, it doesn’t freeze. You do. That’s because they’re fucking beautiful. The unicorn’s peaceful spirit completely penetrates your being. Gone is the hate and darkness that corrode the soul. In its place? A warm, inner peace that takes over—calming, soothing, giving.Talk about a super power, right? Well our “hero” doesn’t have it. Hell, he can barely walk straight most days.

Thanks to his debauchery, Unicorn Man stumbles upon a trippy new street drug that helps him piece together an elaborate plot built on unimaginable corruption and greed.
Infused with dark comedy, action, perversion, social comentary and plenty of unicorn stereotypes, it’ll take your perception of unicorns, turn it over, and drop it on it’s head.

Stay tuned for more exciting and often R-rated adventures of Unicorn Man.

Check out a preview of the first issue!

Some of Unicorn Man's high brow reading material.

Created by Dharm Khalsa and Micheal Nevin.
If you would like to see more of Dharm's Artwork please visit - www.licensetoink.com